Sunday reflections

Things have been fairly good for the past week. I spent a few days learning how to use a digital publishing program, something I loved doing. I will definitely be taking more digital publishing courses in the future!

Yoga continues to kick my butt every time. I made it to class a couple of times this week, but I had a slight panic attack during one of the postures. (Not camel this time!) Not wanting to cause a fuss I just lay on my mat wide-eyed, not moving and hyperventilating. Fortunately, the teacher saw what was happening, touched my shoulder and gave everyone the instruction to control their breathing, which was just what I needed. It took a few minutes, but I calmed down and finished the class. I think if I’d left the room it’s unlikely I would have gone back in. I also got to have a class with one of my favourite teachers. He hadn’t taught at my home studio for a few months so it was great to be able to enjoy his dynamic teaching style again.

The Great Lounge Clean-Up continues. Pretty much all the clutter has been categorised, so now I just have to work my way through the piles, reading old magazines, putting away books and doing the filing. I think the main goal for this week will be to finish the filing. If I do nothing else, I *will* do that. During the clean-up I found my hole punch, so there is nothing stopping me!

The main focus for the coming week will be organisation. Not just doing the filing, cleaning etc, but also laying down plans for the next quarter. I’ve mostly finished the summer courses, so it’s time to think about what I want to do in the next academic year and signing up for those courses before they fill up as well as planning study timetables and thinking about what I want to achieve for this blog, and personally.

Wish me luck!

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