Self-love playlist

After reading Ashe’s self-love article, I immediately wanted to create my own playlist of songs that make me feel good. This was such a fun exercise! I spent far too much time on YouTube and realised that a lot of my favourite songs don’t actually make me feel happy. People use music in all sorts of ways, and often I turn to music for comfort, or when I’m upset and just want to wallow for a while. (This may become a whole other playlist.) Usually hearing any of the songs on the list below is a happy accident, I’ll hear them on the radio or in a club and immediately be perked up. Now that I’ve got the list, however, I’m going to start listening to them deliberately when I need to feel better. These are the songs I love love love, the ones that make me feel happy, boost my mood and get me dancing. These are the songs that contain many happy memories and make me feel good about myself.

Rather than just give you a list of songs (where would be the fun in that?), you get to guess the songs based on my not-so-cryptic clues. Try to at least have a go before clicking on the video link. Although if you are really stumped, can’t be bothered, or don’t have time to sit through the videos, there is a spoiler below; just highlight with your cursor. Ready? Here we go!

Kate’s Self-Love Playlist

  1. The duration of my time on this earth is mine to command.
  2. I propose a toast!
  3. The veil was lifted and I got the hint.
  4. Inconceivable!
  5. I will perambulate for 805 kilometres. And then do it again.
  6. Remove this burden.
  7. My affection is totally flawless.
  8. Adam’s ale.
  9. It’s copacetic.
  10. That was quite some nocturnal event.
  11. The manner in which she moves is perplexing.

For spoilers, highlight from here –

  1. It’s my life – Bon Jovi
  2. Raise your glass – Pink
  3. The Sign – Ace of Base
  4. Unbelievable – EMF
  5. I’m gonna be (500 miles) – The Proclaimers
  6. Pressure down – John Farnham
  7. 100% Pure love – Crystal Waters
  8. Water – Elitsa Todorova
  9. It’s alright – East 17
  10. December 1963 (Oh what a night) – Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
  11. Mysterious ways – U2

to here.

How about you? What songs would you pick for your list?

Photo courtesy ST33VO.


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6 Responses to Self-love playlist

  1. Brilliant list! I instantly smiled at a number of these songs. I hope you will be keeping them in a handy playlist for yourself. I also now know how I am going to be spending my Friday night!

    • Kate says:

      Thanks! I hope you’re going to be sharing your selections as well. 🙂

      • I do intend to share.. The only problem is I never expected it to actually be as difficult as it has been finding songs that aren’t just “sad” or “angry” songs… I’ve been looking for 2 days now, and I honestly only have one song on my list so far! I’m definitely going to need to put my thinking cap on for this one..

      • Kate says:

        Yeah, I had that trouble too. The songs don’t necessarily have to make you feel happy; they can be about making you feel more powerful, or more self-confident or just proud to be you. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  2. AHH! BON JOVI! YES YES YES. Livin’ On A Prayer would probably be on my list if I were to update it.

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