Sunday reflections

It feels like it’s been a bit of a cruddy week. I don’t know why. I’ve been rather productive, but still feel like I’m ending the week with a mile long to-do list. In an effort to be positive, I’m going to list ten things that made me smile this week. This week I:

  1. Wrote an email to someone in Japanese.
  2. Cooked a new recipe that was simple, tasty, cheap and nutritious.
  3. Drew a puddle.
  4. Created an art installation piece inspired by the work of Katie Sokoler.
  5. Sent a friend an e-card for a holiday only we celebrate.
  6. Received an email from an author whose book I reviewed.
  7. Spent several hours wandering along the South Bank.
  8. Played with chalk.
  9. Got positive feedback on an essay I wrote.
  10. Enjoyed making a start on my self-love playlist.

As I come to the end of the month, I realise it’s been a bit of a full on four weeks for me. I did a lot of things for the first time and often pushed myself outside my comfort zone. I didn’t always hit all my goals, but at least I’ve made steps in the right direction. I feel like I should be doing a monthly round-up (it’s on the to-do list). But for now, I’m going to set myself a resolution for the coming month – no more computer games. I know, I know, this means you’re going to be missing the time wasting game of the week in my link post, and I’m sorry, but I feel that I am just spending too much time on them. I suppose I could attempt to limit my time, but I know me and I know that wouldn’t work. As a wise man once said “Complete abstinence is easier that perfect moderation”. So I hereby resolve to refrain from playing computer games for the month of August. Hopefully, this will mean that I get more stuff done and not just spend my time refreshing Livejournal hoping for updates.

Photo courtesy Sheffield Tiger.


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