Random reads – Feed and Deadline by Mira Grant

I waited a year to buy Feed. I should have waited another year.

Feed is the first book in Grant’s Newsflesh trilogy, a political thriller set after the zombie apocalypse of 2014. Despite the constant threat of zombie attacks, the business of government has to go on. Senator Ryman is running for the White House and has a campaign to undertake. He is joined by Shaun, Georgia, and Buffy, three bloggers who have won the chance to join him on the road and report events to the readers of their site “After the End Times”. They soon find themselves caught up in a conspiracy where members of the campaign seem to be in constant mortal peril. Who is targeting the Ryman campaign and why? More importantly, how far are they willing to go for their cause?

Grant constructs a very detailed and well researched world with wonderful, sympathetic characters. The action starts immediately and once it hooks you in, it doesn’t let go. The pace is unrelenting, climaxing in a tragic denouement, with a scenario that I’ve never before seen an author attempt. I could not put this book down. As soon as I finished it, I bought the second book in the trilogy, Deadline.

Deadline continues right where Feed left off, with the team from “After the End Times” coming to terms with the fallout of recent events. They are soon pulled back into the conspiracy with the arrival of someone who has had to fake their own death in order to bring them information. However, they also bring trouble, for although the bloggers may have dealt with the public face of the evil plot, the treachery goes much deeper than they thought possible. They are all soon fighting for their lives with assailants that seem to be one step ahead.

Once again, Grant has created a novel that moves along at breakneck speed, never slowing down for the reader to catch their breath. As with the first book, this one also ends on a cliff hanger that was completely unexpected and unforeseen. I couldn’t stop reading it and I cannot wait for book three when it comes out next year.

I’ll admit that I was a little hesitant in picking up the first book as zombies aren’t usually my bag. Are there zombies in these books? Yes. Are they the main focus of the story? No. Anyone expecting constant zombie attacks with masses of gore and pretty young girls needing to be rescued is going to be sorely disappointed. Anyone who loves a good story with strong characters and excellent writing is going to love these books. I’d certainly recommend them. Bring on book three!


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