Sunday reflections

It’s been a bit of a mixed bag this week.

On the one hand, I didn’t get much cleaning or exercise done. On the other, I met a lot of fantastic new people and managed to continue posting to this blog daily. I’m going to choose to focus on the positive.

So I didn’t get much cleaning done. The flat didn’t get any messier, but I need to spend a bit of time next week clearing out some of the crap clutter from the lounge. And maybe make a start on the huge pile of filing.

And I didn’t meet my exercise goal for the week. If I’m completely honest, there was no structured exercise at all this week. I’ve not been back to the yoga studio since the camel incident a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know if this is psychosomatic, but if so, I really just need to get over myself and get back on my yoga mat. However, I have been a bit more active than usual, so hopefully that counts for something.

But I still succeeded in posting daily. I’ll admit, I’m slightly disappointed that I succumbed to having three picture posts instead of actual writing, but I think for the moment I’m more concerned with creating the habit of updating daily, which I achieved. I hope that as I go on I there will be days where I write two posts so I can keep one in reserve. I think those days are a long way off.

However, I did manage to exceed the goal of writing to four friends. I managed six.

I also met a lot of great new people at the jewellery course I keep banging on about. (Proper review scheduled for Thursday. Tune in then. Yay for the editorial calendar!) Along with being a good course, the environment was really supportive and the way the workbenches were laid out made it easy to converse with your fellow wannabe-jewellers. On the first day, I ate lunch by myself with my usual prop of writing a letter, but I thought “This is stupid.”. Not the letter writing, but the act of deliberately being unavailable. The whole point of attending all these courses is to learn new skills and meet new people. So on the second day I wandered over to a table and asked if I could join them. And you know what, they said yes. We continued to have lunch for the rest of the week and most of them were able to make it when I asked them out for drinks after the course. I’m still a little shocked. I overcame my fear of talking to new people and hopefully made some new friends. Does this sound corny? Perhaps. But it doesn’t make me any less proud of myself.

So. Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Go to at least three yoga classes and do every single damn camel pose.
  • Write to four friends.
  • Clear out 5kg of clutter from the lounge.
  • Listen to five Japanese CDs.
  • Continue posting daily, but no more than one picture post.

Wish me luck!

Photo courtesy Baaker2009.

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2 Responses to Sunday reflections

  1. Malinda says:

    Goodluck! Enjoying checking in on your posts. M xx

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