Link soup

Hello friends and neighbours! Come see what I’ve found interesting on the interwebs this week!

My love of eighties music is no secret. When I was going to university, I spent every Sunday night at an eighties club called The Loft (later The Edge). Imagine my delight when I discovered an internet radio station that plays nothing but eighties music! It’s been on constantly in our flat this week.

This book sounds intriguing, if a little creepy. It is already on my reading list.

Thinking about changing career? This company offers you a chance to try out your chosen career for a week with a mentor, to see if it’s really something you want to do. They have over a hundred careers to choose from. Chocolatier anyone?

The trials and tribulations of trying to live up to some impossible ideal of femininity are well documented, but what about the standards of masculinity? Greta Christina has written a fascinating article about the unattainable standards currently facing men. (Warning: some of the links on her site are not safe for work.)

My current favourite time-wasting game.

How about you? Found anything cool you want to share?

Photo courtesy Iculori.

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