Kitchen makeover – Containers with character

The kitchen makeover continues apace.

Part of the makeover involves finding new containers to store all our food. As they need to keep beetles out, they have to be air tight. Easy peasy, you may say. Not so. I don’t want boring containers in my kitchen. Oh no. I don’t want those industrial-I-have-no-personality brushed steel ones. I don’t want those wishy-washy like-every-country-kitchen-you’ve-ever-seen-in-a-magazine ones. And I don’t want super-mega-fugly snap-on lidded ones.

I want colour. I want character. I want personality.

Can I find these traits among the general populous of practical yet affordable kitchen containers? Can I fairy cakes.

After trawling the interwebs and spending countless hours searching, I have come to conclusion that if I want my kitchen to reflect my personality, then I will have to give it some myself.

With that in mind, I’ve been experimenting with the labelling of said containers.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a small Oxo Goodgrips POP container and stored some of the beetles’ favourite food in it to see if it would keep them out. So far, so good. As they come in various sizes, are stackable, easily replaceable and affordable, we’ve decided to go with them.

In order to attempt to enliven them a bit, I went to work on the labels. Well, work sounds like I spent hours creating the perfect label instead of playing around with markers. I wanted the label to be re-usable and not create a sticky mess when the container was washed, so ordinary paper labels were out. Instead, I bought some vinyl chalkboard and cut out the size label I wanted. Using ordinary chalk was out as the writing would just smudge or rub off easily, so I used chalk marker pens. And five minutes later voila, nifty labels.

Naff or nifty? You decide.

Next on the agenda, buying more containers.

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