Sunday reflections

I’ve just finished my final exam for this academic year and am now officially on summer break! Yay! I have a whole week before my first summer course starts, during which I plan to veg, exercise, and clean the damn flat already.

This week I spent a lot of time studying, but still managed to fit in 6.5 hours of exercise – three yoga classes, an hour walking and a session at the gym. It’s not quite the 7 hours I was aiming for, but it’s a good start and hopefully I can keep up the momentum this week. I also managed to (mostly) stick to my diet. The whole diet and exercise thing has yielded some early positive results, with me losing half a kilo. My nifty scale says that I’ve lost 750g of fat, so I guess I’ve gained 250g of muscle.

I also didn’t quite succeed in my goal of writing to five friends. I managed to get in touch with three, but the whole process was a lot more difficult than I’d hoped. There were a lot of aborted attempts and general writers’ block. I’ve known these people for years. We used to be really close and they know all my foibles and failings, yet I still didn’t know what to say. I used to be able to write ten-page letters with ease, but the words don’t seem to want to flow right now. There are still a lot of people that I’d like to get back in touch with and new friendships that I’d like to develop, so I guess I should just keep at it and hope it gets easier with practice.

I’ve also been hard at work developing an editorial calendar for this blog, so it can develop its focus, I don’t need to pull topics out of thin air at the last minute, and you don’t have to read twenty posts in a row about me going to the gym.

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Get 7 hours of exercise.
  • Get in touch with 5 friends.
  • Deep clean the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Continue working on the editorial calendar and prettying up the blog.

Wish me luck!

Photo courtesy Freddy The Boy. Postered by  Automotivator.

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